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Premium Mirror Surface, Good for Maching, Laser Cutting


Grandview Acrylic Mirror Factory

・Our Acrylic Mirror have very nice mirror surface effect, it looks perfect, have not any specks or stains.
・We use 100% new PMMA from Mitsubishi, with vacuum aluminium plating method to form mirror, not stick mirror film.
・We use eco-friendly paint or 3M adhesive sticker on back to protect the aluminum layer.
・The thickness from 1 - 8 mm, standard size are 1220 x 1830 mm and 1220 x 2440 mm, largest size 1250 x 3050 mm.
・Our Acrylic Mirror Sheet have more than 40 mirror colors. The hot colors are Silver Mirror, Light Gold Mirror and Rose Gold Mirror.

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Why Choose Us

Grandview Acrylic Mirror Sheet brings you the perfect plastic mirror with high quality vacuum aluminized technology

100% new PMMA

Extruded Acrylic Base Sheet, 100% new Raw PMMA from Mitsubishi

Advanced aluminum plating

Mirror surface is formed by vacuum plating aluminum on acrylic sheet


With back coating Eco-friendly painting, or with back adhesive 3M sticker

Premium mirror surface

Perfect mirror surface, have not any specks or stains

Free samples

Free samples color card book, more than 40 acrylic mirror colors


10 Pieces acrylic sheet packed into a kraft paper package to keep dry

Custom size

Thickness rage 1-8 mm, Standard size: 1220x2440 mm, 1220x1830 mm,

Easy machining

Good for laser cutting, laser marking, hot bending and bonding



Muhammad Shah

I am the first time to buy 1mm gold acrylic mirror sheet from Grandview, it is a nice experience, beautiful mirror surface, high quality adhesive stick firmly to my furniture, I will continue to work with Grandview.

Owner of furniture factory, UAE


Muhammad AlAndalusi

I run a plastic wholesale store in Saudi Arabia and import Grandview acrylic mirror panels every month. Grandview has stable quality and reasonable price. It is a high-quality supplier who deserves a long-term cooperation.

Owner of Plastic store, Saudi Arabia


Ahmed Emad

The mirror panels of Grandview can be cut and marked with a laser machine. There is no smoke or smell and it is clear that the material is good. It's important that the mirror finish is excellent with no crystal spots or stains.

Importers and wholesalers, Egypt

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