Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Plastic plexiglass acrylic mirror sheet 1-8 mm thick with size 1220x2440 mm

About this item

  • Our Acrylic Mirror have very nice mirror surface effect, it looks perfect, have not any specks or stains.
  • We use 100% new PMMA from Mitsubishi, with vacuum aluminium plating method to form mirror, not stick mirror film.
  • We use eco-friendly paint or 3M adhesive sticker on back to protect the aluminum layer.
  • The thickness from 1 - 8 mm, standard size are 1220 x 1830 mm and 1220 x 2440 mm, largest size 1250 x 3050 mm.
  • Our Acrylic Mirror Sheet have more than 40 mirror colors. The hot colors are Silver Mirror, Light Gold Mirror and Rose Gold Mirror.

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Material PMMA
Back coating Eco Painting or adhesive 3M sticker
Surface Premium mirror surface
Package 10 Pieces acrylic sheet packed into a kraft paper package to keep dry
Custom size Thickness rage 1-8 mm, Standard size: 1220x2440 mm, 1220x1830 mm,


Mirror Acrylic sheet is a continuously processed product which exhibits outstanding optical properties, uniform thickness and a low stress level. Acrylic sheet is a lightweight, weather-resistant thermo plastic. It can be easily fabricated, formed, finished, cemented, painted and decorated.

SIZES: Thickness range from .060" to .472"
Standard Sizes : 48" x 72", 48" x 120", 48" x 96", 51" x 100", 54" x 108", 
60" x 96" 63" x 100", 72" x 96", 72" x 120", 75" x 100"
COLORS: Solar tints, whites and sign colors

Place of Origin: China
Brand: Grandview
Material: 100% Virgin PMMA
Density: 1.2g/cm3
Color: silver, golden, blue, red, green, black, grey, yellow etc.
Standard Size: 1220×1830mm, 1220×2440mm, can be made as customized sizes
Thickness: 1mm-6mm
Packing: PE film with wooden pallet
Terms of payment: T/T(30% deposit, 70% balance before shipping)
Delivery Time: 7 days
FOB Port: Shenzhen, Guangzhou

Physical Properties and Process Ability of Acrylic Mirror Sheet:  

Mirror acrylic sheet is available with new thermoformable film-masking for easy processing and superior protection. Acrylic sheet can be heated, line-bent or laser-cut with the strong protective film-masking in place.


Mechanical Tensile Strength D638 10,300psi
  Tensile Modulus D638 600,000psi
  Tensile Elongation D368 4.20%
  Flexural Strength D790 18,3000psi
  Flexural Modulus D790 535,000psi
  Izod Impact (Notched) D256 >0.20
  hardness, Rockwell M D785 M-103
Optical Light Transmittance D1003 92%
  Haze D1003 1.60%
  Refractive Index D542 1.49
  Yellowness Index - +0.5 Initial
Thermal Heat Deflection Temp. D648 (264psi) 194 °F
  Coefficient of Expansion D696 6x10-5in/in °F


* Colors on screen may not reflect exact matches to physical sheets.

* Custom sizes,colors and thicknesses available.

* Not-Stock colors,patterns or sizes may require a minimun quantity order.

* Scratch-resistant coating available.

* Features the industry's toughest protective back coating.

* All mirrored acrylic sheet is suppied with a 1" average on length and width.

 Engineering decorations,craft ware decorations,electric product panels,cosmetics cases,sanitary ware,toys,lighting,advertising light box,furniture,cabinet,display shelfc,silk screen,bronzing,ect.

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